Icecast reachable behind reverse proxy

If for some reason, you can’t run Icecast on port number 80, but you want to be able to access it on that port when coming from the outside world so that users behind firewall can access it easily.
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M-Audio Driver Monitor

EDIT (bis):

The last known driver for Windows (version 6.1.10 downloadable here) DOES work under Windows 10, but in my case it does not show the Fast Track Ultra Control Panel anymore…
So I used the work of Mark Heath (NAudio) to make a little utility which can start the Control Panel without launching your favorite DAW each time you need it.
The source code is located on GitLab.
Or you can download the binary from this link.


Avid has made a complete rewrite of the driver for the “Fast Track Ultra” for Windows.
This new driver doesn’t have that annoying DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD flaw anymore!
The driver can be downloaded at the following URL: Fast Track Ultra Drivers

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Lower and underscore identifiers to CamelCase identifiers

Below you’ll find a perl script that will let you replace identifiers written with lower case and underscore characters with lowerCamelCase or UpperCamelCase identifiers.

Any improvement much appreciated !
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