M-Audio Driver Monitor

EDIT (bis):

The last known driver for Windows (version 6.1.10 downloadable here) DOES work under Windows 10, but in my case it does not show the Fast Track Ultra Control Panel anymore…
So I used the work of Mark Heath (NAudio) to make a little utility which can start the Control Panel without launching your favorite DAW each time you need it.
The source code is located on GitLab.
Or you can download the binary from this link.


Avid has made a complete rewrite of the driver for the “Fast Track Ultra” for Windows.
This new driver doesn’t have that annoying DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD flaw anymore!
The driver can be downloaded at the following URL: Fast Track Ultra Drivers

If like me, you own a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra audio card (might affect some other audio cards), and you are bored with this DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE blue screen while resuming Windows, I coded this small utility that will try to make life easier.

You should start this utility upon Windows start.
Note: You might have to download the .NET runtime.

Caution: It is not well-tested, so if you find any bug, please let me a message on that blog !


You can download the binaries on FileHosting.org:

C# source codeYou can download the source code on GitHub:
GitHub repository

Platform Link SHA256 Hash
x86 MAudioDriverMonitor.exe 56083218c7ee9af0c1e619035274532dc1d4d07113202c0e149dd9022914fa6e
x64 MAudioDriverMonitor.exe 2f7e903c222e15b8dd2d86cb7600f8a66fa78e06ee77885386cc5bdb60363b44

C# source code

You can download the source code on GitHub:
GitHub repository


12 thoughts on “M-Audio Driver Monitor

  1. YOU are a true lifesaver and genius!!!!! THANK YOU! I almost gave up, but now, thanks to your fantastic fix, my FastTrack Ultra is without BSODs for now. If you could contact me to my email provided I have a few questions and suggestions. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Bug report:
    When computer wakes from sleep/hibernation via mouse gesture or by pressing any key on keyboard (M-Audio Driver monitor is enabled and running both services by default), it is not possible to turn off/restart computer (“ring” icon spins forever on logoff screen). only solution is to force restart or shutdown by pow.er button on PC.
    it would be great if the program could start minimized in taskbar notification area/hidden icons (near the clock) without the icon in toolbar.
    I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit

    • Bok Grid !
      Thanks for your return !

      I’ll follow your suggestion to start it minimized. I can’t do it now since I have to reinstall my whole system after a Windows 8 crash, but I’ll do it as soon as I can !

      About your problem, is this the exact procedure ?

      • Start Windows.
      • Start MAudioDriverMonitor (monitoring enabled by default, both services running).
      • Go to sleep/hibernation mode.
      • Wake computer up.
      • Try to restart or shut computer down –> Fail.

      Do you have a MAudioDriverMonitor.log file in your Document folder (or wherever else) ?
      If so, could you send it to me ?

  3. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for the fast reply! Windows 8 crash? I hope it was not the same bug as I had: system would suddenly become completely unresponsive/unusable after the first power on (clean install, few programs installed, all updates, I just power up the PC, and it boots normally, and freezes on MetroUI start screen, when I try to click eg. desktop, or any of programs icons. Entire taskbar freezes, changes color and entire desktop freezes, nothing to do but to force shutdown. Tried CTRL+ALT+DEL for Task Manager, then restart Explorer.exe manually but no help. System becomes totally unresponsive and Windows 8 unusable. I read a lot about the problem and seemed to be related to metro apps, some Time”something”.app, network loop bug trying to connect, and so on). This is similar problem reported by a great number of users here (seems like serious bug in windows 8): http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-8-Update-Causes-the-Start-Screen-to-Freeze-309850.shtml

    And now to your question:
    1. I power-up the PC normally via power button.
    2. I have placed the “MAudioDriverMonitor64bit.exe” in my C:Program files folder and added the shortcut to Startup to start automatically when windows starts (all is by default: both servces running, nothing modified, all ticks and everything is the way you programmed it to be by default. Here is the printscreen: http://i49.tinypic.com/fe1a0x.jpg
    3. I touch nothing – I just power up the PC, wait for it to boot all up and click the “Hide” button on MAudioDrivermonitor to minimize it to tray, and go for a coffee, waiting 30 or so minutes for the PC to hibernate/sleep.
    4. Wake the PC by mouseclick or by key press on keyboard, PC wakes normally, in 50% cases sound icon near the clock is crossed in red exclamation/disabled.
    5. I shutdown the PC and it freezes on logoff screen, “ring” icon spins forever, so I have to manually shut it down (by long pressing the PC power button)
    6. Here is the log file you requested: http://www.mediafire.com/?n1bm2x0qqkxb4q5

    Hope it helps! Thank You very much and have a nice day!
    My comment disappeared, so I’m posting it again.

  4. Yes, it is DRIVER_POWER_FAILURE and only on first cold boot/powerup. After BSOD’s automatic restart everything works fine. Do you have any idea what seems to be the problem? Thank you.

  5. I too had this problem – BSOD on cold boot, fine after that. I managed to find the cause. It’s caused by the Windows 8 “Fast Startup” feature. Disable this by going to Control Panel \ Power Options \ “Choose what the power button does” \ “Change settings that are currently unavailable” > Then untick the “Turn on fast startup” check box. Note that warm boots (ie restarts) will still be fast, this feature only affects cold boot. The result is your cold boot takes a little longer because the OS hasn’t hibernated part of the kernel for fast boot… but you shouldn’t get a BSOD from your M-Audio again! Nice.

  6. @Pablo Thank you, you’re genious! It works! Not a single coldboot BSOD since I disabled Fast Startup “feature”. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My pleasure! Win8 64 bit using Win7 64bit FTU drivers works perfectly when disabling Fast Startup. I was wrong about warm boots still being quick; all reboots are slower, but a very small price to pay! Enjoy

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